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Advances in Production Management Systems
Aims and Scope

The aim of WG 5.7 is to promote and encourage the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field of Integrated Production Management and to maximise global dissemination of this knowledge.

This broad aim is achieved by a continuous development and refinement of an industry-based research agenda, focusing on industrial excellence for assessing best practices and stimulating young researchers seeking career in production management. WG5.7 aims at developing a research culture that nurtures research that addresses industrial need whilst maintaining academic excellence and disseminating R&D results and best practices globally to both academics and practitioners through the group annual conference and the activities of its special interest groups.


The topics of interest of the IFIP WG5.7 APMS are:

  1. Production, Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
    1. Capacity Planning
  2. Production Planning, Scheduling & Control
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Procurement, Logistics and Distribution Management
  5. Service Operations Management
    1. Industrial Services
    2. Professional Services
    3. Service Supply Networks
    4. Maintenance Management
    5. After-sales Service
  6. Quality Management
  7. Product Lifecycle Management
    1. ProductProcess/Service innovation
    2. Interaction with Production Management
  8. Sustainability in Production
    1. Sus    tainable Operations & Manufacturing
    2. Eco-efficient manufacturing
    3. Economic, social and environmental issues
  9. Globalisation of Supply Networks
    1. Virtual, Extended, Collaborative enterprises
  10. Operational excellence
    1. JIT, TPM, Kaizen
    2. Lean Manufacturing and Services
    3. Best practices
    4. Safety and Health Management
  11. Advanced Manufacturing and Production Systems
    1. Automation and Integration in Manufacturing
    2. Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
    3. Virtual, Digital and Smart Factory
    4. Collaborative Manufacturing
    5. Wireless and Mobile Factory
  12. Business Process Management
    1. Modelling of Business and Operational Processes
    2. Modelling of Production Systems
    3. Simulation
  13. Project and Risk Management
  14. Knowledge Management
  15. Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
  16. Innovations in Networks
  17. Education, learning and training
  18. ICT systems for Operations and Supply Chain Management
    1. ERP, CAPM, PDM, PLM, CRM, SRM, APS, MES, etc.
    2. CIM,
    3. e-operations, e-manufacturing, e-xxx
    4. Management of IT
  19. Standard in Manufacturing
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