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Advances in Production Management Systems
Aims and Scope

The aim of IFIP Working Group 5.7 on Advances in Production Management Systems is to globally promote and facilitate the advancement of knowledge, theory, technology, and industrial practice in the field of sustainable and smart production management systems. In this field, the focus of WG5.7 is on topics such as the advancement and integration of operational and information technologies (OT/IT), operations management and Industry 4.0-infused innovative business model development. The working group takes an inter-disciplinary approach to define the next generation of production systems, especially when exploring the future role of human ingenuity and the human workforce in manufacturing. This broad aim is achieved by the continuous development and refinement of an industry-based research agenda, focusing on industrial excellence for assessing best practices and stimulating young researchers seeking careers in production management. The IFIP WG5.7 aims at developing a collaborative research culture that nurtures state-of-the-art research motivated by current industrial needs while maintaining academic excellence and scientific rigour. The communities’ R&D contributions and best practices are disseminated globally to both academics and practitioners through the annual flagship APMS conference and the flagship journal Production Planning & Control (PPC) as well as workshops and additional activities organized by Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Serious Games in Production Management Environments
  • Product and Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Service Systems Design, Engineering and Management
  • Smart Manufacturing Systems & Cyber-Physical Production Systems
  • Lean Thinking & Practice
  • Operations Management in Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing
  • Production Management in Food Supply Chains
  • Eco-Efficient and Circular Industrial Systems

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