APMS 2016: Note on Zika virus in Brazil

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To all potential participants of APMS 2016

From world-wide press releases you may be aware of the current outbreak of the Zika virus in certain areas of Brazil. I understand that this might be reason for some concern when considering attendance at the APMS 2016 conference in APMS. In order to counter these concerns, I would like to draw your attention to a statement published by MCI (agency that is supporting the organisation of APMS 2016) on the conference website:

Please be aware of the fact that the vast majority of Zika cases have been reported in the Northeast of Brazil situated several thousand miles away from the conference venue. Also, September is a dry month in Southern Brazil so that proliferation of mosquitos (carriers of the virus) is very limited. I regularly travel to Southern Brazil on business and from this experience I assure you that there is no immediate danger of a Zika infection in the vicinity of Iguassu Falls.

Please do not let Zika affect your travel plans to APMS 2016. Approach your travel preparations as normal and consider the information provided in the MCI statement. Pack sufficient insect repellent and set off for Iguassu Falls!

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